Drenox Series

Onga offers a wide range of submersible sump pumps to suit almost any drainage application. The Onga Drenox series 250/10 is constructed entirely of 304 grade stainless steel, including a cast stainless steel impeller. The 80/7 is 304 grade stainless steel pump with a plastic impeller. Both models include a heat exchange chamber to cool the motor for long periods of unsubmerged operation, and an oil chamber for lubrication of the seal. Suitable for continuous operation.


Disposal of domestic wastewater, dewatering (clean water), fountains, and water features

Key Features

  • Strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction

  • Heat exchange chamber allows the pump to run for long periods without complete immersion

  • Drainage level to 3mm*

  • Free passage up to 6mm

  • Vortex impeller

  • Dual lip seal

  • Float switch

  • Moisture sealed cable inlet

  • Max head -9.5 m

  • Max flow - 250 lpm


2-year warranty  





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Technical Data Sheet