Caprari E10S64/2CD Inclined bore pumps for Kiwi fruit orchard

Fraser Gear were asked to come up with a solution for a flood prone pump station. After a site visit with the customer the decision was made to go with the Caprari bore pump solution. 43South supplied 2 x E10S64/2CD to be installed on an incline. By going to the 2 x E10S64/2CD this problem was eliminated and the end user has avoided costly down time in the middle of Irrigation or Frost season.

Each of these units can provide 70l/s @ 50m each to the orchard which has both the green and gold kiwi fruit varieties. 

Submersible inclined pumps is a new pumping solution studied by Caprari, ideal for water intake from rivers and lakes for irrigation and other purposes. This system is of proven reliability also for mine/quarry and open-pit pumping application, water supply, water flood control and other uses.