Vertical Multistage Booster Set with Schneider ATV Process Drives

When the client was looking for a reliable New Zealand locally made and supported booster set, they approached Pump and Valve Ltd to find a solution. With a tight turnaround time of six weeks, Brett from Pump and Valve reached out to the 43South team, who they have partnered with on many occasion, for tight turn around applications.

The brief 43South were given was the vertical multistage pump set needed to have 316 flanged manifolds, and base, to fit in place of the old Grundfos pump system, complete with locally supported pumps and variable frequency drives, cad drawings and a delivery time of six weeks from order.

The duty point of the pump set was to handle the varying demands of the prison’s daily water use, as well as the emergency fire system test cycle. This was split over three pumps in a duty assist standby configuration. The manifolds were increased in size to keep the velocity down in the suction and delivery manifolds; this will reduce turbulence and vibration in the pump set giving it longer life. The pipework heading to the pump is taken off the top of the suction manifold to remove any chance of air build-up in the manifolds. Each pump is also fitted with an air relief valve and thermal cut-out to protect the pump units.

The pumps are a stocked item with the motors in the 43South Christchurch production facility. With the lower lead time and excellent functionality, the Schneider ATV IP55 process drive was the obvious choice.

With serviceability at the top of our minds, the Schneider drives were mounted on Unistrut with a hinge so they can be folded back when doing routine inspection on the pump units.  

From the production facility in Christchurch, they made their way to Whanganui where they were installed on site, and commissioned by, within the lead time required.

The commissioning and install were under time constraints with limited windows for water to not be available to the site. This was managed very successfully by the team on-site.

It was extremely beneficial with all of the supply partners from 43South, Schneider and Pump and Valve on-site to go over how the unit works with the operators.