Overcoming Blockage Issues: Upgrading to a Three-Phase Submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut Cutter Pump at a Chicken Farm in New Zealand

  1. Introduction:

The submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump is a crucial component of a chicken farm in New Zealand, responsible for managing wastewater containing feathers and other solid waste. However, the pump faced significant challenges due to a lack of torque as a single-phase unit, leading to frequent blockages in the cutter mechanism. This case study highlights the farm's experience, the issues faced with the initial pump, and the successful solution provided by upgrading to a three-phase unit.

  1. Background:

The chicken farm, situated in a rural area of New Zealand, utilizes a wastewater management system to handle the vast amounts of liquid waste produced daily. The submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump was chosen for its reputed efficiency in handling solid waste, especially feathers. Initially, the farm installed a single-phase unit of the pump, unaware of the potential limitations this setup could pose in the long run.

  1. Challenges with the Single-Phase Unit:

The single-phase submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump initially showed promise, efficiently chopping and discharging feathers and solid waste from the wastewater. However, as the chicken farm expanded, the wastewater output increased, placing a higher demand on the pump. As the pump faced higher volumes of solid waste, it began experiencing difficulties, particularly during peak production periods.

The primary challenge was the insufficient torque produced by the single-phase unit, making it difficult for the cutter mechanism to effectively handle the load of feathers. This inadequacy led to frequent blockages in the cutter, disrupting the pumping process, and causing downtime and additional maintenance costs.

  1. Troubleshooting and Evaluation:

The chicken farm management team sought assistance from local pump experts to resolve the recurring blockage issue. After thorough evaluation, it was evident that the single-phase unit was not designed to handle the ever-increasing load efficiently. To overcome this challenge, the experts recommended upgrading to a three-phase submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump.

  1. Solution: Upgrading to a Three-Phase Unit:

Understanding the need for a more robust and reliable solution, the chicken farm decided to replace the single-phase unit with a three-phase submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump. The three-phase unit offered several advantages over its single-phase counterpart, including:

  • Increased Torque: The three-phase motor generates higher torque, allowing the cutter mechanism to handle solid waste, including feathers, more effectively without the risk of blockages.
  • Enhanced Performance: With a more powerful motor, the pump could handle the farm's growing wastewater demands, ensuring a consistent and smooth pumping operation.
  • Greater Efficiency: The three-phase unit's efficiency translated into reduced energy consumption, leading to cost savings for the chicken farm in the long term.
  • Reduced Downtime: The improved torque and robust design significantly reduced the occurrences of pump blockages, resulting in minimal downtime and maintenance requirements.
  1. Results and Benefits:

Following the installation of the three-phase submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump, the chicken farm observed remarkable improvements in its wastewater management system:

  • Elimination of Blockages: The enhanced torque of the three-phase unit allowed the cutter mechanism to process feathers and solid waste seamlessly, eliminating blockages that were previously disrupting operations.
  • Increased Reliability: The three-phase pump demonstrated exceptional reliability and durability, consistently performing optimally under varying workload conditions.
  • Cost Savings: The reduction in pump downtime and maintenance costs resulted in significant cost savings for the chicken farm, contributing to improved financial efficiency.
  • Seamless Operation: With the new three-phase unit, the chicken farm's wastewater management system now operates smoothly and efficiently, supporting the farm's growth without interruptions.
  1. Conclusion:

Upgrading to a three-phase submersible Jung Pumpen Multicut cutter pump proved to be a successful solution for the chicken farm in New Zealand. By addressing the issue of insufficient torque, the farm overcame the recurring blockage problems encountered with the single-phase unit. The improved pump's performance and reliability allowed the farm to manage its wastewater effectively, contributing to a seamless and efficient chicken farming operation.