16 Bar Mega-Plus

The 16 Bar Mega-Plus Pressure Tanks are an essential part of a pressurised water system that provides water pressure at a set level. The tanks stores supplemental water between diaphragm and liner, and the pressurised air chamber is able to create a supply circle.
This process reduces the number of times the motor needs to start in order for the system pressure to remain at a set level. 

The tension of the diaphragm maintains water pressure within the system, ensuring proper operation of the dishwasher and washing machine, and robust flow for showering and bathing. Mega-Plus Tanks provide high water pressure solutions for the high rise building and the long distant pressure support. Ensuring the water system works efficiently and is energy saving with no maintenance.

Key Features  

  • Rubber diaphragm membrane type pressure tank:
    - 16 Bar high pressure booster water system
    - Water machining
    - Fire system
    - Water jet, 1.5L per min flow rate
  • The polypropylene liner and the diaphragm membrane create a water zone to avoid water contact with the tanks metallic surface, so the tank is able to be used for drinking water
  • The stainless steel water connector is a perfect connection
  • Epoxy powder exterior painting to guarantee a high level of protection against oxidation.


    5 years on tank, 1 year on diaphragm



    Technical Data Sheet