The Hebefix above-floor tank is the ideal solution if a washbasin or sink is to be installed and there is no waste water pipe nearby. It is quick to install and offers ideal solutions in combination with the U3KS, U3KS special or U5KS drainage pumps.

The drainage pump intended for the Hebefix is connected to the prepared pipe connection and automatically pumps the incoming grey water to the next disposal pipe. The tank has four inlet sleeves. This means that a drain can be created at any desired location, even below the backwater level, without costly bricklaying work. By means of the lower additional inlets on both sides (H=100 mm) and a special float for lower switching heights (U3 only), a backflow-proof shower can be connected.

Key Features:
  • Disposal of dirty water from hand basin, shower, bathtub, washing machine
  • Easy opening of the cover without dismantling a siphon or an inlet pipe
  • Wall or floor installation
  • Pressure pipe on the right or left side
  • Alarm system possible.




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