Intelliflo 2 VSF

The world’s first variable speed and flow pump that delivers the highest available efficiency and peak performance.

The IntelliFlo®2 VSF pump is the first to adjust to changes in flow conditions to maintain its preprogrammed flow rate to run optimally throughout the entire filtration cycle.It’s like having cruise control for your pump.

Since the IntelliFlo®2 VSF pump is ultra energy efficient, you can experience increased energy savings, up to 90%, when compared to conventional single speed pumps.


  • Ability to program exact pump speeds or flows for specific operations – filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, water features and moreReduces energy costs up to 90%.
  • 50mm /2" barrel unions included.
  • 8 speed and/or flow settings and on-board scheduling with timers.
  • LCD screen with keypad for easy programming.
  • Ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor design reduces noise and vibration for greater efficiency and longer pump life.
  • Built-in diagnostics protect the IntelliFlo2 VSF pump from the most common causes of premature failure—loss of prime, overheating, freezing, and voltage irregularities.
  • Fully compatible with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®,SunTouch®and other pool control systems.Robust On Board Power Factor Correction.
  • 9 star energy rating.
  • 5 year limited warranty.*



The IntelliComm II interface allows you to control the IntelliFlo pump with an alternative or custom controlThe IntelliComm II has low voltage inputs up to 9-24V DC and controls the IntelliFlo via the communication cable.

NOTE:the IntelliComm II is not required to connect an IntelliFlo pump to a Pentair SunTouch, EasyTouch or IntelliTouch automation system.





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