Pentek Intellidrive

The Pentek Intellidrive water pressure control center directs changes in pump motor speed, responding to fluctuations in demand. Homeowners will recognise the difference right away as water flows smoothly and evenly throughout the home. Regardless of changes in demand, water pressure stays the same: in the shower, the dishwasher, and from every other faucet and fixture.


For use with both submersible and above ground, borehole pumps to control changes in water demand.

Key Features  

  • Maintains constant water pressure for submersible pump systems

  • Automatically adjusts motor speed to meet changes in water demand

  • Instantaneous feedback from an electronic pressure transducer instructs the drive to change the submersible pump motor speed to maintain constant pressure throughout the system

  • Energy savings from managed speed

  • Pentek Intellidrive with LED displays messages clearly on the screen to avoid any confusion – no flashing lights or guessing required


2-year warranty      





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