Posi-Clear RP Filter

The Posi-Clear RP filter is a pool filter which combines a cartridge and centrifugal energy filter into one package. The filter is designed with a raised and offset inlet port which creates a cyclone effect inside the filter that helps to move water through the filter element.
The inside of the filter body is fluted which helps to collect larger particles, which drop to the bottom of the filter tank, reducing the load on the element. This new design is up to 50% more efficient than standard cartridge filter, saving energy and requires less cleaning, saving water.


  • Raised Port - Uses the whole height of cartridge.
  • Raised Port - Cyclone effect flings larger particles out to simply drain away. 
  • Integrated continuous High FlowTM internal air relief.
  • Chemical Resistant Tank Body. 
  • Lock ring with spring-loaded safety latches.
  • Coreless cartridge for easy cleaning.
  • 1" Drain and Wash Out.
  • Single piece base and body design.
  • 50mm / 2" unions included.
  • 10 year pro-rata warranty.




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