Pressure Tanks

A pressure tank is an essential part of a pressurised water system that provides water pressure at a set level. The tank stores supplemental water between diaphragm and liner. This process reduces the number of times the motor needs to start in order for the system pressure to remain at the set level. A properly sized pump and pump tank will work as a team to meet your needs and will deliver many years of dependable service.

Key Features  

  • Seamless Connector – Patented Leak Safe Technology with Welded 304 Stainless Steel Connector.
  • PP Liner – FDA Polypropylene Liner. 
  • Air-Seal Diaphragm – NSF Certified Butyl Rubber Diaphragm 100% Air Seal. 
  • Welding Zone – Pressure Equipment Directive Certified Welding Structure. 
  • Coating – Triple Coating Rust Protection.


    5-year warranty.



    Technical Data Sheet