Salt Water Chlorinators

Introducing enhanced salt water management - Sparkling pool water has never been so easy!

The Sta-Rite® SR Series Salt Water Chlorinator is a fully-automated system and is proudly made in Australia. Digital control, battery back-up and self cleaning (reverse polarity) as standard. It is available in two sizes – 20g/hr and 30g/hr and is available with optional two additional timed power outlets. The add on pH system maintains your pool water in the correct pH range – making the SR series one of the most efficient and smartest salt chlorinators on the market.


  • Fully Automated
  • Optional pH system keeps the pH of your water in the correct range This ensures that the sanitiser works with optimal efficiency and keeps your water balanced.
  • Proudly manufactured in Australia.
  • Intuitive touch-pad electronic control.
  • Reverse-polarity, self-cleaning cell.
  • Certified to Australian Standards.
  • Additional timed power outlets for connecting pool lighting or other accessories (optional).
  • Battery-backed up digital clock (all models).
  • Self diagnostics including gas detection, dryrun, low water temperature and low/high salt alarms.
  • Guaranteed by a 2+3 year warranty - 2 years full plus further 3 years pro rata on cell.