System:2 D.E Filter


Mod D.E. Filters for Inground Pools

Ultra clear. Ultra clean.

To enjoy the clearest, cleanest water in your pool, install the Sta-Rite System:2 Mod D.E.
filter, the latest advance in diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filtration. Diatomaceous earth, a natural substance, is so fine it traps dirt and debris as small as five microns (1⁄10 the width of a human hair). That means body oils, suntan lotions, pollen, dust and even some bacteria are trapped in the filter, leaving behind sparkling clear, healthier water. The System:2 Mod D.E. filter also has a clear advantage over traditional-style D.E. filters.



  • Single module replaces complicated multi-grid assemblies that are difficult to clean and reassemble.
  • Balanced-flow tank design maximizes the use of the module’s surface area to trap more dirt and reduce the frequency of cleaning.
  • 10 year pro-rata warranty.* Terms and conditions apply





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