Torrent Master

The Onga TM1000 is a horizontal, single-stage centrifugal transfer pump. It features a more robust aluminum casing for lightweight, high-grade corrosion resistance with 3” aluminum Nut & Tail fittings for ease of connection. Coupled with a highly reliable Honda GX200 engine, the TorrentMaster is capable of pumping debris-free water at a rate of 1000 lpm.


High flow water transfer and flood water evacuation.

Key Features   

  • Robust aluminum casing for lightweight high-grade corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum nut and tail fittings
  • Cast iron open style impeller
  • 3” inlet and outlet for high flow rates
  • Strong and durable construction with built-in non-return valve aids in quick priming
  • Rotatable discharge port makes the unit adaptable to various applications
  • Max. head - 35 m and max. flow - 1000 lpm


1-year warranty  



Technical Data Sheet

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