UltraTemp HX

Pentair UltraTemp heat pumps will automatically heat your pool to your desired temperature so you can swim in comfort. The UltraTemp essentially steals heat from the air and transfers it to your pool with incredible efficiency. Unlike solar pool heating, UltraTemp heat pumps can reliably heat your pool - rain, hail or shine and can be sized so you can swim in comfort year round, or even just extend your pool season.


  • High-performance, affordable heat pump with premium features.
  • Energy efficiency among the highest in its class with COP ratings far in excess of standard heat pumps. 
  • Titanium threaded heat exchanger.
  • Intuitive LCD touch screen.
  • Heats, cools and offers auto defrost.
  • Corrosion protection Hydrophilic Evaporator Coating.
  • Filter dryer eliminates ice and dirt block and also attenuates noise for quiet operation.
  • 15 years warranty*

*As per the 43South Warranty Schedule - 15 years warranty on the titanium heat exchanger and cabinet. 5 years warranty on the compressor. 3 years warranty on the refrigeration circuit and parts. 





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