VB-100 MHm Sensor

VB-100's will be supplied AT NO EXTRA COST on all Southern Cross Motor Pumps from 180 frame and above (22kW 2 Pole and 18.5kW 4 Pole).


VB-100 with screen vibration meter is an innovative product that combines vibration sensor and display. It provides single-axis vibration RMS value display, customers can read the vibration value on site, monitor it in real time, and complete vibration measurement, which is very beneficial for customers.

When motor is equipped with VB-100, there is no need to connect additional gateway, mobile phone or complicated procedures of the management platform. The motor vibration RMS value and health status can be obtained in real time on the spot, achieving the effective management.


  • Vibration data measurement and display, velocity RMS (mm/s)
  • Dual-digit 7-Segment LED Display
  • Display velocity RMS range 0.1mm/s ~ 99mm/s
  • Reference from ISO-10816 vibration measurement specification
  • Measurement button is provided to instantly display the vibration velocity RMS for the first 10 seconds and the health index for another 10 seconds
  • Vibration measurement, smart display: (1) RMS vibration value; (2) Alarm (LED flashing); (3) Vibration health index (H1~H9, H9 means the healthiest)
  • Replaceable battery design (Panasonic CR2)
  • Powered by battery, press button to start. No power cord, no signal wire, Battery capacity can be displayed at least 1,000 times
  • Ultra-small size : suitable for all motors of F#132~#250
  • Installation method : Adhesive
  • Housing material : PC
  • Innovative product and leading the market


59 x 29 x 22.3mm

The VB-100 series provides three models :

1. VB-100A (curved base) is suitable for up to Motor Frame#132
2. VB-100B (flat bottom) is suitable for Motor Frame #160
3. VB-100C (flat bottom) is suitable for Motor Frame #180 ~ F#250


Vibration (velocity) measurement range: 0~99 mm/s
Sensitivity error:  5%(max)) @100Hz
Frequency response: 10~1000 Hz for ISO10816
Temperature error range: ±0.01%/°C 
Nonlinearity: ±0.2% 
Cross-axis sensitivity: ±1.0% typical, ±3.5% max
Working temperature:  Body: -40 ~85°C Battery: -40 ~70°C (Panasonic CR2)                Shock limit:  20,000g
Noise: 70μg/√Hz 
Output:  2 digit LED, (RMS)