VB-800 MHm Sensor


VB-800 Wireless Vibration Temperature Sensor is an innovative product that combines vibration and temperature sensing, and Bluetooth communication.

It is installed on various rotating motors and provides three-axis RMS vibration of velocity and acceleration, the FFT of velocity and acceleration, raw data and single point temperature monitoring. Customers can read all the monitoring data on their mobile phones, and they can also upload to the remote management platform to perform functions such as storage, trend comparison, diagnostic analysis and report output.

It can be combined with the AG-800 smart gateway to regularly report and monitor vibration and temperature data for on-line monitoring. Complete wireless, automatic, and system-wide vibration and temperature measurement applications, truly self-installation (DIY) and ready-to-use (Stick&Play), customers can get real benefits.


  • Stick and Play
    Easy to install it and use it immediately

  • No power cord required
    Battery powered, up to three years lifetime

  • No wired network required
    Wireless transmission (Bluetooth)

  • Data upload
    The mobile APP supports data export to the remote database for AI computing

  • Exclusively provide a variety of high-tech data display
    RMS, FFT, Raw Data, Health (H) Index, Temperature

  • Health (H) Index
    Unique to the market, providing advice on predictive maintenance schedules

  • Provide predictable maintenance schedule
    Take precautions and avoid unannounced shutdown


79 x 33 x 26mm




  • Sensitivity range : 16g(max), ± 8g(default)
  • Frequency range : 10 ~ 1000 Hz for ISO-2594
  • Sampling frequency : 8000 Hz


  • Measuring the temperature of the contact surface, measuring range:
  • -40℃~75℃, accuracy : ±1℃
  • 75℃~85℃, accuracy : ±2℃

Transfer method

  • BLE 5.0, available range <30m
  • Support APP near-end reading
  • Timed transmission (with BLE GW)

Output data

  • RMS, Raw Data, temperature, Health index

Power supply

  • Power supply mode : Battery power supply (user can replace the battery)
  • * Battery life will change due to the frequency of data acquisition


  • Maximum weight : 39g (without battery)
  • Machine material : PC
  • IP rating : IP66


  • Installation method : Paste
  • Operating temperature : -40℃~85℃
  • Storage temperature : -40℃~85℃