iWaterSwitch - Coming Soon!

Intelligent Rainwater Controller

Our new product, the iWaterSwitch encompasses new intelligent features and a contemporary design resulting in a highly dependable rainwater harvesting unit that recreates the industry benchmark. The iWaterSwitch is a fully automatic device that is designed to seamlessly switch between stored rainwater and mains water supply when required to supply toilets, laundry, garden and other non-potable water applications. The all new iWaterSwitch displays real time flow rate, pressure and current readings as well as recording rainwater used so that you can track your savings. The iWaterSwitch can be fitted to most household pumps in the Onga range.

iWaterSwitch automatically switches between harvested rainwater and mains water. It features all the benefits of its predecessors plus the flexibility of adjustable cut-in and cut-out flow rates, minimum pressure and maximum run time making it the ideal water saving device in all mains water fed homes. It can be mounted directly to a surface mounted pump or may be wall mounted in the case of pairing with a submersible pump.


Use your rainwater to supply toilets, laundry, washdown, garden irrigation and other non-potable water applications. 

Key Features:

  • Fully functional LCD display
  • Realtime flow rate, pressure and current readings
  • Adjustable cut-in, cut-out flow and max-run time
  • Data recording of rainwater used
  • Switching between float and floatless operation via a simple change of setting
  • Fully interchangeable with the Onga MkII WaterSwitch
  • Direct acting solenoid for more robust and reliable operation


2-year warranty 


Technical Data Sheet