STARLINE - Close Coupled, ISO 2858

Designed for efficient and reliable general-purpose water transfer


General-purpose water transfer in industry, building services and irrigation


  • Space saving design

  • Superior hydraulic design and manufacturing methods produce significantly higher efficiencies for lower running costs and reduced maintenance

  • Australian designed and manufactured

  • Up to 250 litres per second discharge

  • Australian wide service and backup

  • ISO 9001 quality assured

  • 32 to 200mm discharge

  • Wide range of options

  • Heads to 160 metres

Standard Features

  • Type 316 stainless steel shaft extension

  • S.G. cast iron motor shaft clamp

  • TECO IE3 TEFC motor; rugged cast iron volute with integral suction and discharge flanges and mounting feet

  • Pressure rated to 1600kPa (160 metre head)

  • Cast iron impeller and back plate; stainless steel impeller nut

  • Rigid cast iron bell housing connects motor and pump housing

  • Single mechanical seal

Special Design Features

  • Use of standard off-the-shelf foot and flanged electric motors with highly accurate clamp on shaft extensions;

  • Taper mounted and keyed impeller for easy removal from shaft during servicing and positive locking during operation

  • Heavy duty stainless steel shaft extensions for safe operation at high speed;

  • AS1830/T260 cast iron volute for added safety; reusable “O” ring body seal

  • Hydraulically and dynamically balanced impellers

  • Highly efficient suction performance from double curvature impeller vanes

Optional Material

  • Stainless Steel AS2074 / H6B

Optional Extras

  • Zinc-free bronze wear rings for impeller, volute and back plate

  • optional single mechanical seals

  • optional motor specifications and classes works certified and witnessed tests for guaranteed performance

  • impeller turn-downs

  • pressed or welded steel base plates

Maximum Operating Temperature

  • Maximum pumped liquid temperature for Southern Cross Starline pumps is 100°C using standard seals.  Liquids up to 140°C can be handled using special seals. Consult Southern Cross Customer Service Unit for further information

Warranty - 2 Years



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