OJ800 Range

OJ cast iron series pump complete with pressure tank.

The Farmmaster Onga Jet (OJ) range is the flagship of the Onga range. The OJ range offers precision-engineered internals with a coated cast iron housing for high performance and the ultimate in strength and longevity, you simply cannot beat this range for reliability.


For domestic, industrial, or rural use as a manual or an automatic pressure system, stock watering, irrigation, and water transfer. Options of a large range of water sources including tanks, bores, dams, creeks, and rivers thanks to various injector combinations.

Key Features

  • Injectors to suit a large range of applications

  • Offset combinations available

  • No moving parts down bore

  • Shallow well lifts to 7.6 m

  • Deep well lifts to 49 m

  • Manual or automatic system

  • Max. head - 123 m

  • Max. flow - 255 lpm


2-year warranty  


Farm Master Brochure


Technical Data Sheet

Spare Parts

Jet & Venturi Cross-Reference


Motor Modification Bulletin