Simer 5

Performance Data:

  • Removes water down to a level of 2 mm
  • Robust cast aluminium housing
  • Self-venting starts at a water level of just 5 mm
  • Cooling jacket for motor housing
  • Replaceable cable inlet
  • Hose connection
  • Hmax = 6 m
  • Qmax = 4,3 m3/h

The Simer 5 is a robust submersible utility pump for draining cellars, flat roofs, tennis courts or swimming pools. It can also be used to remove wastewater from building works such as core-hole drilling and concrete cutting.

The Simer pump removes unwanted water quickly and efficiently, leaving a residual water level of just 2 mm, while starting to pump at a water level of just 5 mm!

The removable strainer, with a mesh size of 2 mm, reliably protects the hydraulic system from coarse solids. The variable hose connector allows connections to be made quickly and easily.

Connecting the pump permanently to the building’s drainage system or using it to protect against back-flow is not permitted, however. Please refer to our U3K to U6K range of pumps for these types of application.

The electronical switch Simer Level Control can be integrated into the cable inlet and switch the pump on automatically at approx. 7 mm water level. This way, puddles and flood water are removed automatically.

Note: Dry running of the pump (operation without pumped medium) over a period of more than 20 minutes must be avoided.

Further information you can find also on our Microsite You can find there illustrative product information as well as a movie, which shows the applications of the SIMER pump.

Simer Level Control - Accessory

The new electronic switch SIMER LEVEL CONTROL offers special convenience. The level control can be integrated in the cable inlet and switches the pump on automatically at approx. 7 mm water level. Puddles and flood water can be removed promptly and automatically.

The installation is so easy. Have a look at our mounting instruction.

Check valve 1 1/4" - Accessory

The SIMER check valve is an accessory which ensures that the water does not return from the hose when the pump is switched off.

It is screwed between the pressure outlet of the pump and the hose connection and is only suitable for the transportable use of the residue pump SIMER 5.




Instruction Manual

Technical Data Sheet