TECO MAXe3 Premium Severe Duty Electric Motor

True IP66 Protection with Porous Drain Plugs | High Efficiency Electric Motors

Experience the ultimate in performance with the TECO MAXe3 Premium Severe Duty Electric Motor. Its true IP66 protection, Class F insulation, inverter rated insulation enables seamless handling. Built with precision cast iron material, this rugged motor ensures optimal performance and longevity. Operate reliably even in demanding conditions, with a service factor of 1.15@ 40°C ambient temperature and suitability for 55°C ambient environments. With advanced design features like built-in thermistors and made to order IECEX Ex e and Ex nA compliance, this motor offers enhanced protection in all environments. Choose from flexible mounting options and enjoy with a 2-year warranty for customer satisfaction.


  • True IP66 with porous drain plugs
  • Class F insulation system
  • Superior inverter-rated insulation (6500V/microsecond)
  • Precision and rugged cast iron construction
  • Typical temperature rises less than Class E
  • 15 service factor @ 40 deg C ambient
  • Suitable for 55 deg C ambient at rated output
  • TECO renowned grease relief system
  • 1 Set of Thermistors for frames D160 and larger
  • IECEX Ex e, Ex nA ready (ready to order)
  • TECO Blue paint finish
  • Mountings available - Foot, Foot and D Flange, D Flange, Foot and C Face (to 132 frame only), C Face (to 132 frame only)
  • 2-year warranty