TECO MAXe3 Mining Electric Motor

IP66 Protection Rating | High Efficiency Electric Motors

TECO MAXe3 Mining Electric Motor - rugged, reliable, and built to withstand harsh conditions. With True IP66 protection and Class H insulation, it ensures durability in mining environments. Equipped with inverter-rated insulation for optimal performance and compliant with mining specifications, it's ideal for mining applications. Safety is guaranteed with IECEX Ex e, Ex nA, Ex tD certifications. Customize with X15 Orange paint finish and various mounting options. Backed by a 2-year warranty for customer satisfaction.


  • High Efficiency Motors
  • True IP66 with porous drain plugs
  • Class H insulation system
  • Superior inverter- rated insulation (8500V/microsecond)
  • Precision and rugged cast iron construction including fan
  • Typical temperature rises less than Class E
  • 2 service factor @ 40 deg C ambient
  • Suitable for 60 deg C ambient at rated output
  • TECO renowned grease relief system
  • Two sets of thermistors for frames D160 and larger
  • IECEX Ex e, Ex nA, Ex tD (ready to order)
  • TECO Mining specification
  • X15 Orange paint finish
  • Mountings available - Foot, Foot and D Flange, D Flange, Foot and C Face (to 132 frame only), C Face (to 132 frame only)
  • 2-year warranty